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A full-service junk removal company located in Lewes, Delaware. Providing services to residential and commercial clients throughout Sussex and Kent counties, in the State of Delaware. Call or Text today 302-632-7717.

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What Items Do We Take?

Have you accumulated a lot of extra unused stuff in your home, office, commercial, or rental property that is taking up valuable space? Broken or unused appliances and furniture to get rid of?

Need yard debris such as leaves, grass clippings, brush, twigs, mulch, garden waste, tree trunks, holiday trees, and prunings from trees or shrubs that need to be hauled away? We'll responsibly dispose of your landscape waste, so you can relax after caring for your yard.

First-Rate Junking & Hauling can help you clear out your home, office, commercial, or rental property. Our dedicated team hauls away your unwanted items and responsibly donates, recycles, or disposes of them. Call or Text today 302-632-7717.

** We don’t remove paint or anything else flammable/hazardous **

Garbage and Refuse
Pool Tables
Scrap Metal
Yard Waste

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You can call or text us directly at 302-632-7717. Or use the form below to send us a message for help clearing out any unwanted items in your home, office, commercial, or rental property. We look forward to helping you.